Sub-Assembly 000000000080070

Sub-Assembly 000000000080070
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Code80070PN000000000080070Weight250,00 kgProducerMEC-DIESELWarranty24 months
shortblock . d 0836 lfl 01 d 108. 80070 . 80070.
GE8210SRi25.00A955 GS8210SRi25.00 GE8210SRi25.01A955 8210Si15.00 8210SRi25.00 8210SRi25.01 8210Si15.00A500 8210Si15.00A520 8210SRi25.00A500 8210SRi25.00A520 8210Si15.00A550 8210Si15.00A580 8210SRi25.00A550 8210SRi25.00A580 GE8210SRI25.01R970 GE8210SRi25.01N970 8210SRi25.01A550




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