MOTORSERVIS Švec s.r.o. is a company with 30 years of tradition in the town of Šumperk. We are wholesaler with spare parts for combustion engines and a specialized workshop for engine overhauls.

SPARE PARTS WHOLESALE – we supply spare parts for combustion engines. Throughout the years we have acquired an important position in the Central and Eastern European market. We focus exclusively on engine parts for IVECO, FPT and CNH. Thanks to our specialization 80% of our assortment is immediately on hand in stock. Our services to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic are available within 24 hours. Deliveries all over Europe in 48 hours.

█  ENGINE OVERHAULS – we have built our new engine workshop based on our customers’ requirements for quick and high-quality repairs of engines. We mainly focus on IVECO engines overhauls, i.e. predominantly engines manufactured by FPT, IVECO or CUMMINS. Our specialization is our competitive advantage. Our team of experienced engine specialists and expertise in internal-combustion engines make us top suppliers of the best overhauled engines. 

The company politics is based on our fundamental interest to guarantee the highest standard of services to our customers.

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