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Injection pump

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Manufacturer numbers:99483335
on requeston request
This product is not available for purchase
Injection Pump 500366314

Injection Pump

On request
Manufacturer numbers:2995494, 500061244, 5001855036, 500366314, 500366314, 1920JK
1 407,50 EUR1 163,23 EUR excl. VAT
This product is not available for purchase
Injection Pump 0986437502

Injection Pump

On request
Manufacturer numbers:2995494, 500061244, 500366314, 0986437502
1 005,64 EUR831,10 EUR excl. VAT
Deposit for return of old part: 25,06 EUR

By returning the old piece, you can reduce the purchase price of the part. The following criteria must be met:

1. The return of the old item must be made within 40 days of the issue of the tax invoice.

2. The old item must be identical to the purchased item and must be returned in its original packaging.

3. The old piece must be cleaned, stripped of fillings and fitted with caps to prevent contamination of the packaging.

4. We only accept complete, undisassembled parts with no signs of repairs.

5. Refunds for cylinder heads, engine blocks, semi engines, longblocks and whole engines are governed by their own rules HERE.

This product is not available for purchase

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